Two chefs have collaborated with their hearts and souls to bring children a menu that not only speaks from their hearts but aimed to improve the way they eat every day. We want the children to feel great after eating without preservatives, high sugars and fatty foods. Their growth and brain development at such a young age is affected by what they eat, and we have made a commitment to help continue their journey towards healthier eating habits.


We have set some high goals for these lunches, which include, introducing new foods, fruits and vegetables, changing our picky eaters to a wider spectrum of foods, and showing the children that food can be healthy and delicious at the same time. 


We have a philosophy that the children eat a lot more of new items at school than they do at home. With this enthusiasm, we hope that once the fresh and colorful lunches hit the table, the children will all eat together. We have set up a menu that features the same main items each week and as we watch the children experiment with their new lunches, so will we!

Who says you can't

eat breakfast for lunch


We love to introduce 

new colors and textures

every week


every day

Make it easy every day and order lunch with us. It's healthy, fresh and delicious.

Turn your picky eater

into a confident

eater with us


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